GIRL IN RED: A MUST SEE concert fit for anyone

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GIRL IN RED: A MUST SEE concert fit for anyone

 23 year old Norwegian singer-songwriter and record producer "Marie Ulven Ringheim" pulled up to Toronto's Queen Elizabeth Theatre last night with her indie pop music project "girl in red" and absolutely blew the fucking doors off.

You can tell when an act has become completely synonymous with their audience. The way the crowd stares back at the stage is different, the air in the room is different, and you can literally feel the energy pulsing through everyone. It's hard not to smile and feel good in these moments. In this case "girl in red" seemed to achieve this so effortlessly. But that's exactly what's drawing about Marie and this project- you feel entirely welcomed. I have a hard time believing this vibe changes no matter where they go. Not to mention, the vibe at concerts is just DIFFERENT lately and I think we all know why. 

The night was opened up by 22 year old British singer-songwriter from Grantham, England, "Holly Humberstone".

This show was brought to you by Toronto's largest independent concert promoter: Collective Concerts 

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