About Flee Normality

Flee Normality is a creative platform spreading our "Flee The Norm" lifestyle through photography, videography, merchandise, and more. Merging all of these elements together, we primarily cater to the music industry, offering artists a wide variety of artistic services for us to collaborate on.
Inspired by our actual experiences in the music and arts industry; More often than not you can find us photographing our favourite musician, documenting the best acts locally and internationally, or maybe we are on tour with that band you really like. At the end of the day Flee Normality is encouragement to break away from the ordinary and mundane aspects of life and embrace new experiences, challenges, and perspectives. We believe that conformity and sticking to the status quo can limit personal growth and creativity. By stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing novelty and unpredictability, individuals can gain new insights, skills, and a broader sense of self-awareness. A normal effort will always give you a normal result. #FLEETHENORM