About Flee Normality

We have to lie to be normal. We have to lie to fit in to something that was never really us in the first place. These normal efforts will give you normal results. Breathe abnormality and FLEE THE NORM
Flee Normality is an all original creative platform spreading our "Flee The Norm" lifestyle through the merging of music, merch, media, and art. Inspired by our actual experiences in the music and arts industry. More often than not you can find us photographing our favourite artists, documenting the best acts locally and internationally, or maybe we are on tour with that band you really like; Flee Normality is not limited to this, we just identify with the form of expression musicians and artists encompass- We want to document it, represent it, collaborate with it, and help it thrive through the strengths we bring to the table! At the end of the day what we are really interested in is people Fleeing Normality. A normal effort will always give you a normal result. #FLEETHENORM
Grab some of our apparel! Encompassing those who breath abnormality. Cement the vision!